SCS + AP. A Natural Fit.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses continue our tradition of academic excellence at St. Clement’s School by providing our girls with an opportunity to learn at the university level.

St. Clement’s is a leader in the delivery of the internationally recognized AP program. AP is the world’s largest and most recognized advanced curriculum program, sought out by universities around the world. Learn more about our AP offering here.

Why AP?

AP courses allow our girls to take university-level courses while in high school. AP courses foster critical thinking, build academic preparedness, and help get our girls ready for the next step in their learning after SCS. As such, AP is a natural fit with SCS’s enriched academic curriculum.

Broaden Your Horizons

Examine topics in greater depth.

Have Program Flexibility

You decide on the number of AP courses and the areas of AP study.

Maintain Balance

Your AP program is designed just for you, allowing you to maintain other interests, like co-curriculars and sports.

Stand Out

Success in an AP course shows your readiness to study at a higher level – this stands out during the competitive university admissions process.

Earn University Credit

Get a head start – you’ll be better prepared at university and often have more course options.

Achieve International Recognition

AP is an international yardstick. Universities and colleges from around the world seek out AP in their admissions processes.

AP courses offered at SCS include

  • Art History
  • Biology
  • Calculus AB
  • Capstone - Research
  • Capstone - Seminar
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • European History
  • French Language
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Physics 1
  • Physics 2
  • Spanish Language
  • Statistics
  • Studio Art

In Canada, more than 60 universities and colleges recognize AP scores, including the University of Toronto, McGill University, Queen’s University, Western University, and University of Waterloo.

In the United States, over 2,500 universities and colleges recognize AP scores, including Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, Columbia University, and The Julliard School.

In the United Kingdom, more than 80 universities and colleges recognize AP scores, including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, University of St. Andrews, University of Warwick, and University of Durham.

AP Capstone Diploma


AP Capstone is built on the foundation of a two-year high school course sequence, and is designed to complement and enhance the in-depth discipline-specific study provided through AP courses, beginning in Grade 11. AP Capstone cultivates curious, independent, and collaborative scholars, preparing them to make logical and evidence-based analyses and arguments. SCS was the first girls’ independent school in Canada to offer the innovative AP Capstone Program.

  • AP Seminar – taken in Grade 11, students learn how to investigate real-world topics from multiple perspectives; carefully analyze information, write evidence-based arguments and effectively communicate those arguments; and work both independently and with a team to research a topic, develop a report and deliver a presentation.
  • AP Research – taken in Grade 12, students learn how to design, plan and conduct a year-long mentored, research-based investigation. They will apply research methods and practices to address a real-world topic selected by the student; write a university-level research paper; and present and orally defend the findings and research methodology.

What our alumnae say about AP

The AP program was one of the reasons I decided to come to SCS. It allowed me to design a curriculum that enriched my education in the areas that I chose. 

Margaret Irwin, St. Clement’s School Class of 2013 / Harvard University Class of 2017 / Harvard Medical School Class of 2021

The AP program at SCS was the best preparation that I could have received for university. I recognized most of the content in all of my first-year university courses, and the rigour of an advanced program taught me key study skills, such as time-management and critical thinking, that I applied to learning new content. 

Sarah Wong, St. Clement’s School Class of 2015 / Queen’s University Class of 2021 / (Queen’s Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS)

The demand on students’ writing skills leaps between high school and university; the AP program at SCS was one of my best preparations for that transition. For me, it was an essential prelude to long-term academic pursuits. 

Andrea Davidson, St. Clement’s School Class of 2012 / University of Toronto Class of 2016 (English, History, and Renaissance Studies) / University of Oxford Class of 2017 (Master’s, Faculty of English)