SCS approach to learning

Helping each girl to develop sound values and character, thrive in her school years and in life, and prepare academically for her post-SCS path of choice. That’s our Purpose.


A key component of St. Clement’s unique offering is a learning environment where girls are nurtured and supported, and each of our girls is known and feels valued. Our LINCWell approach ensures this is the reality at SCS.

LINCWell is a full school (Grades 1 to 12) approach designed to craft a school experience for each of our girls that is characterized by Learning, Individualization, Nurturing, Creativity, and Wellness (LINCWell.) Our goal, in all that we do, is to enable our girls to learn well, lead well, and live well.

LINCWell is not an “add-on” that our girls choose, like an elective course or a sport. It is integral to everything that SCS offers and informs all that we do. It is experienced by everyone from our youngest Grade 1 students to our graduates about to transition to their next phase of life.

What does LINCWell look like in action? On any given day, LINCWell can be found undertaking its innovative and creative work – helping Junior School teachers bring mindfulness into their classrooms to support student attention during learning; teaching Middle School learners how the amygdala influences their performance during tests, exams, or presentations; preparing Grade 12 students for the challenges of university, ensuring they are ready to tackle everything from residence life to first-year exams.

LINCWell provides the foundation to everything we do at SCS, so that by the time our girls head out into the world beyond our School, they have developed into young women who are confidently poised to take on that world, in whatever way they choose.

Why LINCWell is integral to our girls’ success


St. Clement’s School believes that technology is an important component to leveraging and enriching student learning. With a focus on accessibility and flexibility, students and staff benefit from a balanced and integrated approach to technology and learning. From iPads, dual platform labs, Chromebooks and laptops available for students from Grades 1-12, and a Bring Your Own Device program, students are able to access resources and integrate technology every step of the way. St. Clement’s believes that flexibility and choice is just as important for our teachers, and provides faculty with a choice of platforms and tools to meet every teaching need.

Library/Resource Centre

The Lassonde Library is a central hub for our community of learners. Students from Grades 1-12 share this collaborative and inviting space for classes and to access computer and library resources. Our Head of Library and Information Services is integral to our academic program, working collaboratively with faculty to ensure students have exceptional access to resources and support to enhance learning.

At SCS, the opportunities to learn through experience are as varied as our girls.

Our approach to experiential education is another way we live our mission. The passion to learn about – and from – other people and places is ignited. The courage to challenge personal boundaries and step outside comfort zones is strengthened. The curiosity to explore new places, ideas, and activities is inspired.

More about experiential education at SCS