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What is Round Square?
Round Square is a worldwide association of schools on five continents sharing unique and ambitious goals. Member schools are located in England, Scotland, France, Germany, Australia, Botswana, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, the United States, India, Kenya, Oman, South Africa, New Zealand, Peru and Thailand - a truly international grouping.
The "pillars" of Round Square are:
  • International Understanding
  • Democracy
  • Environmental Awareness and Action
  • Adventure
  • Leadership Experience and Development
  • Service to others
  • Round Square International
Students attending Round Square schools are asked to make a strong commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility. Students are empowered through community service, work projects, exchange programs, leadership development and adventure which can take them around the world. Visit the Round Square International web page at
The Round Square ideals are derived from the philosophy of Kurt Hahn who believed that schools should have a greater purpose, beyond that of preparing students for college and university. He believed in educating young people for life in the fullest sense. Hahn's vision of education for the student embraced the development of all aspects of the student and encouraged students to take responsibility for their community and environment. Most importantly, Hahn wished to impart to students that despite cultural uniqueness, students around the world share more similarities than differences, and building alliances together makes the world a better place to share.
There are four Hahn associated organizations that share this vision: Outward Bound, The United World Colleges, The Duke of Edinburgh's Awards and Round Square.
Round Square takes its name from the round "square" on the grounds at Gordonstoun School in Scotland. Round Square started at Gordonstoun in 1966 and founder Jocelin Winthrop-Young still serves as an Honourary Director of Round Square.
Round Square seeks to capture the unique enthusiasm and power of students and to provide opportunities which will help develop them into the leaders of tomorrow.
Round Square at SCS
St. Clement's School has been a member of Round Square since 2002. So much of what we did at SCS prior to 2002 meshed directly with the aims and goals of Round Square that full membership in the organization was an easy progression. Staff and students have fully embraced the program and the international elements of Round Square have taken SCS staff and students to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Caribbean, Central America and South America for conferences, exchanges and service projects.
We have hosted RS exchange students from Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom and SCS girls have gone on RS exchange to Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa. We also hosted staff and students from visiting RS schools representing Australia, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. SCS girls have worked on international service projects in Thailand, Kenya, Botswana, Malawi, Peru, Guatemala, Scotland, India, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Costa Rica.
There is a large and active student led Round Square Committee at SCS.
The SCS Round Square Committee has raised over $15,000 for international aid projects from the sale of products made in South Africa in projects facilitated by our RS Partner, St. Cyprian's School in Capetown. These products are illustrated elsewhere on the RS Clemnet pages. Most of this money has gone back to projects in South Africa but other international projects have been supported as well.
Round Square is not a "club" at SCS but something to which all of our girls belong. A Young Round Square organization allows girls to begin their official involvement in RS at the Grade 7 level, but most RS international activities are open only to Senior School girls. There is a large and active student led Round Square Committee involving staff and students with a Grad Class student as chair.
Round Square continues to grow at SCS and offers so much, not only in the field of international opportunities but in continuing the development of good citizenship at the Canadian and world levels.
People and Contacts
Caitlin Tino
Coordinator of Experiential Education
416 483 4414 x2232