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Acting with Grace

This week ended with a trip to Ottawa and Montreal for both alumnae visits and a meeting with girls’ schools in Montreal involved or interested in The National Coalition of Girls’ Schools. Whether with fellow alumnae or colleagues, discussions arose about the joys and complexities of educating our girls.

As we flew from Ottawa to Montreal, I had the opportunity to finish The Dove in Bathurst Station, a book written by Patricia Westerhof, one of our faculty. As I read, a passage jumped off the page at me, reinforcing to me the importance of our roles of educators beyond academics.

The passage said, “Grace was the sort of gift that came with no obligation, no expectation of reciprocation. It wasn’t good fortune, like winning a raffle or being caller number nine. It was a deliberate act, an act that flowed from kindness and generosity.”

Beyond enjoying the way Patricia’s writing flows, I loved this passage as it reminded me that part of our desire in educating our girls is to guide them such that they act with kindness and generosity- and not because they expect something in return but because it is a gracious thing to do.

Ours is a small community at St. Clement’s and thus every act and connection is impactful. It is good to remember to act with grace.

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