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The beginning of a School year has always been a time of happy anticipation for me- when I was a student and now as an educator. There is a sense of excitement and hope for the upcoming year and all that it will bring.

This year brings a heightened sense of excitement for me and the School as we launch our new 2017-2020 Strategic Plan- our road map for the next three years. As our Plan says in its introduction, “We know our girls are facing an exciting future for which we must prepare them in bold and innovative ways while preserving our School’s fundamental values, and ensuring sustainability long into the future. There is a need for courageous women who embrace the challenges and opportunities presented by a rapidly changing world.”

It is the importance of embracing the challenges and opportunities that is front of mind as we launch this plan, for anticipation can also inhibit some from ‘jumping in’ as they face change, newness or complexity. The focus of this plan rests in our academic program, our community and our sustainability. The Plan will task us all in supporting the School as we guide our girls in learning to stretch and challenge themselves and in taking more risks in their learning- be it in or outside the classroom. Ultimately we wish for our girls that they trust that whatever life deals out, they will be able to keep steady and view each experience as an opportunity for growth.

It is with great anticipation that we launch our new 2017-2020 Strategic Plan. We look forward to sharing it with you and to beginning our journey together in fulfilling our mission of developing outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate.

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