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Echoing Energy

Most mornings, I take a brief moment to read from some of my favourite books. By now, many in our community will know that I have appreciated the sage words of Richard Wagamese as we have navigated through the months of this pandemic. I have shared his words most mornings on Twitter; I included one of his quotations in my speech at our virtual Closing Ceremony in June; and today as I sit down to write my blog, I am reminded of his words- and how powerful our own can be.

On Thursday morning I shared the following quotation from Wagamese: ‘You stand on the edge of a canyon and you shout something. The world and the universe echo your own voice back…What you throw out echoes your own energy back…a small thing to consider but such a large thing to do. Which words am I throwing out to the universe today?”

During this time of uncertainty, remarkable people are doing remarkable work- while also experiencing significant challenges they have not dealt with before. So much of what we are dealing with is out of our control. The way we are communicating is also, generally, quite different. Whether the tools we are using or the new limitations on how we used to be able to communicate, the effect can be significant.

While I know there are and will be many times we feel less than ideal, sending out as positive an energy as possible is important during these challenging times.

Wagamese’s words on Thursday morning reminded me of just how important it is to consider what words, and therefore energy, I am throwing out into the universe. I hope that they do the same for you.


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