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Being located in Toronto, St. Clement’s School is part of a vibrant and diverse city. We are increasingly aware of the interdependence of our School and the broader world around us and value our connections, locally and globally, which enhance our girls’ learning experiences.

Our Students are encouraged to be reflective and recognize the needs of others. One of the ways we instill this important value is through Community Day, when all SCS students and staff members engage in the local community by contributing time and energy to community organizations, and participate in hands-on interaction with fellow citizens of Toronto.


This year, SCS supported 20 organizations throughout the city on Community Day. Some of the many activities they participated in included:

  • Helping give care to children at a local day care;
  • Sorting non-perishables at food banks;
  • Singing holiday carols with senior citizens; and
  • Environmental clean-up in green spaces.

Given the challenges faced by so many in our city, it is important that we continue to build understanding about how different needs are being met and the challenges faced by the organizations themselves in serving the people of Toronto. Through Community Day and other local and global programs SCS participates in, we continue to foster in our girls a sense of compassion and the aspiration to have a positive impact on society, whether close at home or far away.

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