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It’s About the Feeling

It’s hard to believe that our St. Clement’s School community will be celebrating Christmas and the end of term this week. Hard to believe because the time seems to have flown by, but also hard to believe because it is twelve degrees outside, and if we didn’t know the actual date, we might think we were heading into the fall term.

Despite my wanting to see some snow to really get the Christmas spirit underway, at SCS, it’s about the feeling. We certainly have the holiday feeling now, thanks to several events over the last week, and some this coming week.

With thanks to our talented Junior School staff and students, our community enjoyed the Junior School Christmas Program on Thursday, with fabulous musical numbers, dancing and a French finale. If people didn’t feel the Christmas spirit before then, they were well on their way afterward.

The next day, our Middle School girls celebrated the end of exams with hot chocolate, a movie and a craft extravaganza. To see them all enjoying the time and creating wonderful holiday crafts was another contributor to our feeling of Christmas spirit.

Tomorrow our girls and staff will experience what is, in my mind, one of the most important aspects of holiday spirit – that of giving to others. We will be celebrating our fifth annual Community Day, and staff and girls from Grades 2-12 will be heading out into our local community to assist others. Our Grade 1s and their parents will be baking up a storm and then donating their goodies to those in need.

Finally, on Wednesday evening, our entire SCS community, including hundreds of alumnae, will be gathering to celebrate the Christmas spirit at our annual Christmas Carol Service, where holiday spirit abounds.

While I am still holding out for a white Christmas, I know that at SCS we are feeling the spirit already. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a restful and fun-filled holiday.

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