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Kiwanis Music Festival: A chance to perform, learn and grow

Crescendos of creativity are found around every corner at SCS, especially in our music department. Research has shown that music study has value when it comes to the positive up-bringing and education of a child, but it also offers children an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the discipline of being part of a group performance;
  • Focus on the conductor, who keeps the group together; and
  • Experience the wonderful feeling they receive from making the notes on a page come to life.

One of the ways we foster our girls’ pride in performance is through participation in music festivals. This week, Clementines in our Junior and Middle Schools participated in the Kiwanis Music Festival, an annual competitive music and performing arts festival which encourages young people to know and love the arts, and fosters the values of self-discipline, teamwork, and excellence.

Participating in festivals like Kiwanis have benefits for both the students and teachers. Feedback from experienced adjudicators consists of compliments about what was performed well, and constructive comments on aspects of musical performance to work on. This encourages students to work on exercises that will help elevate their next performances. For teachers, this is a form of Professional Development and gives them an opportunity as conductors to re-teach certain elements of musical performance, and it can be an affirmation on what they are doing well.

We hope our girls have had a great experience performing, learning, and growing their musical skills at Kiwanis this week!

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