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LINCWell Speaker Series: Dave Mochel

Meet Dave Mochel: former human development, physics, and neuroscience teacher; founder of Applied Attention Coaching and Consulting; expert on the science and practice of mindfulness, well-being, and leadership, and the foremost expert in the revolutionary approach of mindful self-regulation.

On January 22, Dave will be visiting St. Clement’s School to address society’s obsession with comfort in what has been described as his “one-man retreat.”

“The reality is, no matter how smart, funny, accomplished, beautiful, wealthy, or popular you are, you are going to experience pain, upset, loss, disappointment, fatigue, and many other forms of social, physical, and emotional discomfort,” Dave explains.

Using compelling stories, research, and humour to create a captivating experience that is dynamic, inspiring, and highly relatable, during his visit to SCS Dave will illuminate the incredible human capacity for unconditional well-being and its ability to thrive and grow regardless of what’s going on around us.

If you find that the suggestion of being uncomfortable has negative connotations, don’t miss this opportunity to tap into Dave’s expertise.

Join Dave Mochel in Powell Hall at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, January 22. Tickets are available online at scs.on.ca/performances.

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