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#SportsSpotlight – Erika W. ’17 – Softball

As a pitcher on the SCS Senior Softball Team, Erika W. ’17 (pictured bottom row, far right) knows there is no greater feeling than a three up, three down inning; however that’s not the only thing that draws her to the game. She also loves cheering on her teammates when one hits a line drive, steals a base, or crosses home plate. While Erika always enjoyed playing catch, she first got into softball in Grade 6 when she was asked to try out for the Grade 7 team. She fell in love that season, and has been competing for SCS ever since.

What really stands out for Erika about softball is that, while everyone on the field has a particular role, the team won’t succeed as a whole unless each member is playing hard and trying their best. Every player is crucial and there is not just one “star” of the team. In fact, her teammates provide big inspiration to Erika. No matter the team, no matter the sport – and she has played on one every term since joining SCS in Grade 5, almost always basketball, volleyball, and softball – Erika draws strength from her teammates to be her best. To Erika, it is like joining a new, motivating family every term!

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