There’s NothingUniform About Us.

What’s it like to come to SCS? There is more than a school located at 21 St. Clements Avenue.

Here, you will find a place of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. A place that’s fun, with school spirit that’s infectious. A place that cares for its community. A place that helps you develop intellectually and socially while you are here, and stays with you on whatever path you take beyond it.

SCS is a special place – we’d love to show you why.

Grades 1-12: All Under One Roof

At SCS you will find a true small-school advantage, and that makes us unique: 460 girls in Grades 1 through 12, learning and playing together under one roof, where every girl is known and valued.

It means your friendships extend beyond just your grade, to girls who may be much older or younger than you. Sharing the same space means that connections happen daily – naturally – in big and small ways. And it means you will be part of a vibrant, spirited community from the day you arrive at SCS.

Junior School

A time of discovery, marked by a strong foundation of academic skills, warm support, and nurturing community.

Middle School

A time of transition, marked by innovative programming, academic skill building, and strong support.

Senior School

A time for deeper exploration, marked by continued academic growth and ongoing leadership.


Find Yourself

We don’t just want you to thrive at school. We want you to thrive outside SCS, in a world that is connected and changing quickly.

As girls and young women, you face an exciting future. Our job at SCS is to prepare you to question and discern, connect within and across disciplines, articulate ideas, and push forward with confidence in times of complexity and uncertainty. SCS students stand out as intellectually curious, courageous, and compassionate. Here, each girl will discover her own path and leave us ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing world.

Forge Your Paths

You might enjoy softball, singing, and science; or creative writing, coding, and cross country running. Whatever your path, you can explore it at SCS. What’s it like to come to school here every day? Community is everything; we offer a supportive environment where our girls are encouraged to try new things and are valued just as they are.


A key component of St. Clement's School's unique offering is a learning environment where girls are nurtured and supported, and each of our girls is known and feels valued.

LINCWell helps to ensure this is the reality at SCS. LINCWell is a full school (Grades 1 - 12) approach designed to craft a school experience for each of our girls that is characterized by Learning, Individualization, Nurturing, Creativity, and Wellness (LINCWell).

Summer Opportunities

School isn't out for the entire summer - at SCS, we offer enrichment opportunities and summer school programming.

This past summer, we introduced two new enrichment programs: a STEAM program for SCS students in Grades 4 and 5, featuring daily design challenges to develop girls' STEAM skills, creativity, and teamwork; and Future Ready Teens for students in Grades 10, 11, or 12, which introduced girls to the knowledge, habits, and networks they will need to thrive in the ever-changing world of work. Additional Summer School courses are designed to provide students with an exceptional academic experience in June and July.


Apply & Join Our Community.

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