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The Sights and Sounds of Spring

With a legacy of literary, artistic, and musical excellence, St. Clement’s School’s creative skills have long been a source of great pride. Last week the School paid tribute to those fine talents as the annual Sights and Sounds of Spring took over SCS.

Stretching from the foyer and throughout the halls was a gallery of St. Clement’s visual creations. Three-dimensional paper sculptures, sketches, portraits, architectural drawings, paintings, photographs, and collages were on display all from the hands of dozens of talented Clementines.

On Wednesday, April 24, Powell Hall became a showcase for the School’s musical prowess. From Lead Belly to Vivaldi, Irving Berlin to Bruno Mars, SCS’s exceptional bands, choirs, and dance teams spanned the years and crossed the genres to astound with their tremendous talents, all capably MC’d by the pun-tastic duo of Paige Harris and Hattie Coburn (both ’19).

Although the notes may have drifted onto St. Clements Avenue, many of the visual masterpieces remain on display throughout the School.

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