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2020 Vision

Each year, as a rite of passage, our Grad Class designs their Grad Class sweatshirt and determines a quotation as a part of the design. The quote for this year’s class is “A Class With A Vision.”

It is quite clear that 2020 has not been the year people expected. After all, if 20/20 vision is known to be normal vision; shouldn’t the year 2020 also be normal?

Not only is our St. Clement’s School Graduating Class mourning the loss of traditions, missing being in their school or with classmates for the last few months, and feeling like there isn’t a lot of closure, but so too are their families and the SCS community broadly. There is nothing about this year so far that seems normal.

On Saturday, a number of SCS staff and I, cars loaded with lawn signs and window decals, headed out to our Grads’ homes. I am so grateful to the staff who worked to design them as they are shaped like our uniform with the iconic red blazer and include the class’ quotation.

Each time I took a sign or decal out of my car, I read “Congratulations to the Class of 2020: A Class With A Vision.”

As I drove around, reflected, and even got the wonderful opportunity to say hello to some of our families (at an appropriate distance), I thought a lot about the meaning and importance of vision.

There is no question that we need a vision toward which to work. What is it we see as being our goal? To where do we wish to go? What will it look like when we are there?

Just as I was reminded of the importance of having a vision, I was also reminded of an important saying at SCS, “The best path is rarely a straight line.” I acknowledge that a straight path provides more ease, might be more enjoyable, and is one in which the end is clear. If I am being totally honest, I would love some straight paths right now! Having said that, while everyone is dealing with a difficult time as a result of COVID-19 and our Grad class in particular are being challenged, I truly believe that they will shine when this is over because the path has not been straight.

As I stopped at each place and envisioned each Grad, I felt such a sense of gratitude for, and confidence in, who they are, both as individuals and as a class. While the last three months have been challenging, this time does not define who these outstanding young women are, the accomplishments they have attained, and the legacy they will have left at SCS.

2020 is the year and our Grad Class is a class with a vision. We are the benefactors of that and so, too, will the world be.


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