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Middle School:Grades 7-9.

A Day in The Life at our Middle School

Middle SchoolAcademics & Curriculum

Building on the foundation of inquiry and problem-based learning, the Middle School offers integrated learning opportunities and learning experiences to encourage interdisciplinary understanding, critical, and creative thinking.

Instruction is supported by subject specialists who can provide a depth of knowledge in their areas to help our girls immerse themselves in learning.

Teachers focus on individual attention and enrichment for all learners. Choice, differentiation, and accelerated pathways allow each girl to learn and be challenged in areas that interest them.

The Middle School program supports our students as they grow towards greater independence as learners.

Grades 7-8

– Integrated Studies
– Math
– Science
– French
– Music
– Visual Arts
– Drama and Integrated Arts
– Health and Physical Education
– Technology

Grade 9

– English
– Geography
– Civics
– Math
– Science
– French
– Music
– Visual Arts
– Drama
– Health and Physical Education
– Computer Studies


There is a wide variety of co-curricular activities in the Middle School. Some are designed for the Middle School learner, while others integrate students in Grades 7-12.

Co-curricular options span a wide variety of interests from academic-related (math, science, and language clubs), to community affairs (Eco team; Because I Am A Girl), to the arts (Art Club, Choirs, etc.)

While there are tryouts for athletic teams in the Middle School, we aim for full participation, where each girl who wishes to play can find an activity or team to join.

Everyone in the St. Clement’s community – Grade 1s to Grade 12s, staff, and teachers – is assigned to a House: Stuart, Tudor, York, or Windsor.


Far beyond the core curriculum content, a key component of the program at SCS is the development of values, attitudes, and habits towards learning.

This development is supported by our innovative LINCWell (Learning, Individualization, Nurturing, Creativity, and Wellness) approach.

Examples of LINCWell in action in the Middle School include: Healthy Mind Platter, Mindfulness, Brain Science, Breathing Buddies, Mental Health curriculum, and goal setting.

Beyond the Classroom

To develop lifelong learners and girls who will impact the world after their time at St. Clement's, learning doesn't stop at the classroom door.

You'll find Clementines engaged in the community in a variety of ways. Outdoor education and other overnight trips provide students with an opportunity to stretch their skills and support others. Arts classes enjoy some of Toronto's culture with trips to TIFF and other theatre performances. As part of the Civics 9 course, students travel to Ottawa to see democracy first-hand. Our students volunteer in the community around the School: volunteering at a weekly church lunch, planting in community flower gardens, and sorting and packing food for those in need.

Student Leadership

Our students develop leadership skills.

We are committed to providing learning experiences to build skills, and both formal and informal opportunities to apply those skills.

In the Middle School, the elements of leadership are further developed. Students are involved as buddies for new Clementines in Grades 7, 8, and 9; as ‘Breathing Buddies’ in Grade 8; and as team members in cross-grade co-curriciular activities and teams.

Student leadership opportunities are also available as class representatives on the school council.

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