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Leadership: It’s About More Than Having a Title.

Our girls learn by leading – and lead by learning.

Our girls receive formal leadership training and are encouraged to lead within and beyond the walls of our School.

A SolidFoundation

An innovative leadership framework sets SCS apart.

Leadership education is based on the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leaders identified by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, experts in the field, who have been working together for more than 30 years studying leaders, researching leadership, conducting leadership development seminars, and serving as leaders themselves in various capacities. SCS identifies four contexts within which students will develop and practise their leadership skills:

1) individually
2) among others
3) leading a group
4) seeking connections and relationships with other groups

The Leadership Program combines instruction and hands-on experience which spans the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. Classroom curriculum, student leadership conferences, topic-specific workshops, leadership retreats and trips, and local, national, and international service projects are all components of a student’s leadership development at SCS.

Mentorship and Tutoring

The Mentorship and Peer Tutoring Programs are just two ways that girls may be of service to their fellow students.

Student mentoring begins in Grade 4, election of Junior House Heads begins in Grade 5, and the Grade 6 curriculum includes a formal leadership component. Many leadership roles allow students to have impact far beyond the walls of SCS, including student leadership conferences, topic-specific workshops, and community and international service projects.

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Junior School

At the end of their time at St. Clement’s, students will have received formal leadership training and multiple opportunities to put that training into practice – learning by leading.

Building leadership capabilities starts in our early grades. Components of our leadership framework are addressed early on in the Character Education program. Structured leadership opportunities begin as early as Grade 4 where students have the opportunity to mentor younger students as a reading buddy. Other early leadership opportunities are the Mentorship and Peer Tutoring programs, where girls in Grade 6 can become tutors. The program sets the groundwork to help girls recognize that leadership can be a collaborative experience.

Middle School

Middle School students are encouraged to build on their leadership capabilities by participating in student government and a wide range of special-interest clubs.

Volunteers and elected representatives help lead community work and organize special events. Middle School students also serve as School ambassadors, giving tours of the School to visitors.

Senior School

There are a wide range of student-run groups and activities providing leadership opportunities for students in a vast array of interests.

Student Council, made up of representatives from Grades 7ā€“12, is led by four students elected from the graduating class. Other elected leadersā€” School Captain, Sports Captain, House Captain, Arts Captain, Prefects, and House Headsā€”work to inspire school spirit and lead initiatives. In her graduating year each student will hold a formal leadership role so that she can practise and refine her leadership capabilities.


Parents’ Association

We value the involvement of parents in all aspects of school life.

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LINCWell is a full school approach, designed to craft a school experience for each of our girls that is characterized by Learning, Individualization, Nurturing, Creativity, and Wellness.

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Our commitment to excellence in learning means being in tune with the world around us, and always looking ahead.