Academics at SCS.

How We Teach & Learn Defines Us.

Our commitment to excellence in learning means being in tune with the world around us, and always looking ahead. In today’s changing, complicated, and ever-more-connected world, our girls can be successful in learning and in life only if they are able to think critically, be creative, make connections across subject areas, wrestle with complex issues and problems, and collaborate with many people of differing views.

The St. Clement’s experience supports and encourages this learning, preparing our girls for the future.

Learning at SCS



Academics Stats


Most AP National Scholars of any independent school in Ontario


Canadian girls' school awarded the Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma


acceptance to top universities in the world


AP courses offered, one of the broadest programs in any girls' school in Canada


elective courses offered


value of scholarships offered to graduates in 2017

The St. Clement’s Diploma

The St. Clement’s Diploma extends our students’ learning beyond the minimum requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). We begin with a program of Reach Ahead credits in Grades 7 and 8 to ensure students have maximum flexibility in their senior years.

All students study French through to the end of Grade 9, and must take a second language course during Grade 10. All must take Math at the Grade 12 level. In addition to enriched academic requirements, the St. Clement’s Diploma requires students to complete 10 additional hours of community service in addition to the Ministry’s requisite 40 hours.

Beyond Our EnrichedAcademic Curriculum

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement provides internationally recognized opportunities for students to experience university-level courses while in high school. AP courses encourage critical thinking, build academic preparedness and foster success. St. Clement’s School is a leader in the delivery of Advanced Placement courses, offering students a choice of 18 AP subjects in Grades 11 and 12. St. Clement’s students consistently achieve at the highest level in AP results, and report that the AP experience contributes to their success at university.

Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma

St. Clement’s was chosen as the first girls’ school in Canada to implement the Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma.

This innovative diploma program provides students with an opportunity to engage in rigourous scholarly practice of the core academic skills that are fundamental to university success. AP Capstone builds on discipline-specific AP courses, cultivating curious, independent, and collaborative scholars through a challenging and exciting two-year program, beginning in Grade 11.

Library / Resource Centre

The Lassonde Library is a central hub for our community of learners. Students from Grades 1-12 share this collaborative and inviting space for classes and to access computer and library resources.

Beyond a formal learning space, our library is a gathering place for students and staff alike to come together to work and learn.

SCS Technology

We believe that technology is an important component to leveraging and enriching student learning. With a focus on accessibility and flexibility, students and staff benefit from a balanced and integrated approach to technology and learning.

Our girls must be prepared for an ever-changing future – learning how to leverage social media for networking, representing themselves appropriately, and taking advantage of the positive opportunities that today’s technology provides.

Support, Nurture, & Enrich



LINCWell is a full school approach, designed to craft a school experience for each of our girls that is characterized by Learning, Individualization, Nurturing, Creativity, and Wellness.



Beyond the Classroom

With opportunites to get involved in clubs, trips, and volunteering in the community, learning doesn’t stop at the classroom doors.


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