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Junior School:Grades 1-6.

The Junior School academic program highlights collaboration, problem solving, and inquiry. It is enhanced by a full complement of co-curricular activities.

The girls are mentored and inspired by the older students they encounter in the building daily, as well as by their peers in the Junior School. Grade 6s take on leadership roles within the Junior School.

A Day in The Life at our Junior School

Junior SchoolAcademics & Curriculum

The academic program at the Junior School provides a strong foundation of skills and knowledge.

Girls in their Junior School years are naturally inquisitive, and this energy is focused through the use of problem-based learning. By focusing study on big ideas and allowing students to direct their learning, our students discover that learning is connected, relevant, and that it can have an impact on the world around them.

The Junior School is home to multi-disciplinary, skills-based learning in real-life contexts, supported by subject specialists.

Students have the opportunity to collaborate, problem solve, think critically, and persist through challenges.


The Arts: Drama activities, Music, Visual Arts


Health & Physical Education

Language Arts: Reading, Writing, Oral Language and Media Studies


Library and Research

Public Speaking

Religous Knowledge / Character Education



Social Studies


Co-Curricular Programs

In Grades 1-6, time is allocated each week for co-curricular activities.

Each girl is expected to participate in an activity – and with such a broad range of choices, there’s something for everyone!

Students participate in Athletics beginning in Grade 1. Inter-school competitive athletics begin in Grade 4, using a ‘maximum participation’ model. There are no tryouts – everyone is encouraged to play.

Everyone in the St. Clement’s community – Grade 1s to Grade 12s, staff, and teachers – is assigned to a House: Stuart, Tudor, York, or Windsor.


Far beyond the core curriculum content, a key component of the program at SCS is the development of values, attitudes, and habits towards learning.

This development is supported by our innovative LINCWell (Learning, Individualization, Nurturing, Creativity, and Wellness) approach.

Examples of LINCWell in action in the Junior School include the Health Mind Platter, Study Skills, Sprouting Minds (for Grade 5), LINC6 (to help Grade 6 girls transition to Middle School), Mindfulness Mornings, and the Health Hustle – where the entire Junior School takes part in an early morning physical activity to get the day started on in an active way.

Beyond the Classroom

To develop lifelong learners and girls who will impact the world after their time at St. Clement's, learning doesn't stop at the classroom door.

You’ll find Clementines involved in the community, beginning during their time at the Junior School. Experiential education includes classroom visitors, daytrips, overnight outdoor education trips beginning in Grade 4, and community partnerships with local post-secondary institutions and seniors’ residences. Guest speakers bring a wealth of knowledge to share.

Student Leadership

Our students develop leadership skills.

We are committed to providing learning experiences to build skills, and both formal and informal opportunities to apply those skills.

In the Junior School, the curriculum provides significant introduction to the elements of leadership. Junior School classes host school-wide assemblies on a regular basis. Grade 6 girls run ‘boot camp’ to get their fellow students (and staff!) moving in the morning.

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Today, the country we now call Canada observes the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. As Principal Perry shared, “…we are grateful to our staff and to our Indigenous partners for facilitating learning for our community about the harm of residential schools on Indigenous Peoples over generations.

In addition to learning within our School, we must each do our own learning, working to both acknowledge the truths of the residential school system and work in whatever way we can to change systems/practices to prevent injustices like these happening again.”
Grades 7 and 12 say goodbye to Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Park after four days of Experiential Learning and fun. We can’t wait to hear all about it!
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