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A Special Place

There are many things that make St. Clement’s a special place. For almost 120 years it has been a mainstay of the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood; an area that welcomes the red blazers and blue tunics with genuine warmth and happiness.

There’s the academic excellence for which the School is renowned, and the alumnae that are making a difference, changing the world, and always prepared to lend a hand to St. Clement’s students and fellow alumnae from any year.

There’s the School spirit that’s in evidence every day, from laughter-filled halls to prestigious robotics competitions; enthusiastic assemblies to CISAA sports events; musical recitals to drama productions.

Perhaps most of all, however, there’s the intimacy and security of a small community, where everyone is known and valued and all grades, from 1 through 12 spend their time together; watching, learning, helping, encouraging, and inspiring.

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