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Are We There Yet?

On Friday, after a long week, I was looking forward to gathering with a few very close friends at a cottage north of the city. The traffic was heavy and slow, and my friend and I were recalling having been kids on long car rides and continually asking, “Are we there yet?” This questioning usually started within a half hour of a long drive, a result of our limited concept of time, and our excitement to get to our destination.

Despite the typical hour-and-a-half journey taking three hours, when we arrived, we had engaged in many wonderful conversations, solved many world problems and laughed a lot. I had lost the busy feeling of the week, tucked away some of the issues upon which I had been reflecting, and arrived at our destination safe and sound. Despite being tired, I felt grounded, relaxed and thankful for this friend with whom I had travelled.

As we near the end of our School year, I suspect many have asked at some point, “Are we there yet?” I hope, however, that the path along the way has afforded time and opportunities for community members to engage in precious moments and to appreciate the fun and the people with whom they have travelled.

We’re almost there.

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