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Cleaning Windows

While spending so much time at home over the last three months, I have noted that my condo balcony windows and sliding glass door could use a generous spritz of Windex.  Cleaning them has been an item on my to-do list for a long time; however, with lots on the go, limited down time, and a healthy dose of procrastination, they have stayed in the same state.

Until this weekend.

On Saturday, I chose to tend to (many) much-needed chores and ‘home care,’ and as I write this blog, I find myself looking out the windows more frequently and marveling at just how much clearer- and brighter- the view is.

Clarity brings comfort. There is no question that when we are able to see a destination or end-goal clearly, and have charted a path to get there, there is a sense of comfort – even if the path will be difficult to navigate.

This is the last week of our 2019-2020 academic year. Despite a path that was unclear at the outset, I am enormously proud of our girls and staff as we have navigated the realities of life during a pandemic together. They adapted to an unprecedented situation that evolved quickly. They have worked hard, shifted approaches, and learned to move forward well, despite uncertainty. This was not easy work- and is best accomplished when those enacting it are surrounded by support, empathy, and compassion.

Next week marks a shift in focus for the School as we turn our full attention to preparing for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Just like my windows before this week, our view to the upcoming school year is not crystal clear; especially as we await important government directives and advice from health authorities.

Once again, we find ourselves facing uncertainty. While this complicates things, it does not diminish our commitment to ensuring our girls’ learning and well-being next year. It also does not diminish the need for ongoing support, empathy, and compassion from all.

While we know that clarity brings comfort, we also know that sometimes clarity takes time.

Be assured that we are working thoughtfully and diligently to plan our coming year with our girls’ learning and well-being at the heart of all that we do. We will update our community at regular intervals as things become clearer.

I wish everyone in our SCS community a safe and healthy summer ahead. Keep washing those hands!



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