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Family Day Was For The Birds

It is customary for me to use Sundays as a day to get some work done, in anticipation of the week ahead. So, when a longer weekend comes around, my usual routine is shaken up for the better. My Sundays feel like a gift.

This past Family Day long weekend, I found my regular Sunday morning long walk to be focused far more on the world around me, than on the items on my to-do list. And I am so glad that it was.

My favourite birds are cardinals. I adore the bright red colour of the male cardinal and have always felt comforted when I see one- most likely because I have heard that the cardinal is a symbol of hope, and even believed to represent the spirit of a loved one. Over the last twenty years, whenever I see one, I just assume it is my Dad checking up on me and reminding me that despite him not being around physically, he is still connected.

On Sunday, my outing was wonderful. The air was crisp, the sky was clear, and there were birds aplenty. As I walked, not only did I see many winter robins and a blue jay, but three cardinals. I do not know for sure whether it was three different cardinals or the same one flying around; however, what I do know is that seeing them brought me comfort- and a reminder to take the time to pause, and enjoy my surroundings.

I hope that the Family Day weekend afforded our SCS Community some time to pause too, and take in the beauty around us.

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