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Most of us are pretty skilled at walking and chewing gum. Try talking on the phone and watching television, however, and it can be hard to take it all in. Doing homework with an iPod playing? It might sound good, but it’s quite unproductive.

Wondering why you can retain that catchy new Beyoncé beat, or what you just wrote for your biology report, but not both? (At least not when simultaneously bouncing between Bey and bio). The answer, simply put, is that multitasking is a myth. We now know from the latest brain science that to really work to our full ability, our minds need to be focused on one thing.

With that reality in mind, St. Clement’s School’s LINCWell Speaker Series returns on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., as we welcome international speaker, educator, author, and psychologist JoAnn Deak, PhD.
JoAnn will shed new light on the myth of multitasking, what the approximately 100 billion neurons that make up the brain are really doing up there, and what that means for the way we learn. Ponder this, for example: when a student is doing homework while listening to music, watching TV, or texting a friend, the brain must keep switching back and forth, making both tasks much less efficient and effective.

Here is some final food for thought: if you have a brain, or know someone who does, JoAnn’s presentation may completely change the way you work, study, and go about daily tasks. For starters, you’ll have to choose a new time to turn up that catchy tune.

Please visit www.scs.on.ca/performances for tickets, and contact Megan Clay at megan.clay@scs.on.ca for more information. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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