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From People to Productions

With thanks to our Clementines, this weekend I found myself reflecting on powerful productions and how they come to be. While an audience member often sees only the end result, it is important to remember that these productions result from collaboration, diverse skill sets, enthusiasm and perseverance.

On Friday, our School community gathered for our morning assembly, which was led by Grade 1. They have been studying the environment and reminded us all about Earth Day on April 22, and the importance of taking care of our world. While each Grade 1 Clementine did their part, it was their weaving together of story, their recommendations for taking care of the Earth, and their interviews of Grade 6 students made the message more powerful.

At the same assembly, I was thrilled to congratulate Samantha and Katrina, two Clementines from the class of ’23, who have created a robotics team entitled SKDesigns on their own. They had just returned from the US Open Robotics International Competition where they placed 13th out of 69 teams. The girls were presented with the Design Award for the most effective and efficient robot design process. Samantha and Katrina have demonstrated their capacity for pulling things together to create a wonderful product.

In addition, Ms McCourt, our Drama teacher, congratulated our senior Drama students, who have been selected as finalists at the Regionals of the National Theatre School of Canada Drama Festival. Fifteen Clementines wrote, produced and presented this play. It is evident that their collaboration and talent have resulted in an exceptional production.

Over the weekend, our Clementines worked hard on pulling two additional productions together.

Our St. Clement’s musicians- both choral and orchestral- collaborated with peers from independent schools across Ontario to produce the Conference of Independent Schools’ Music Festival, a remarkable event held at Roy Thompson Hall each year. It is an exceptional example of diverse students, musical instruments and talents coming together in a superb production.

At home at 21 St. Clement’s Avenue, over 100 girls from Grades 9-12 were busy collaborating as designers, choreographers, models and technicians as they rehearsed for our annual Lumina Fashion and Design Show, which will take place next week.

While our girls work hard individually, it is important for them to have the opportunity to bring that work into collaboration with others. When they do, they create remarkable productions that are a joy to behold.

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