As Christians celebrate Easter this weekend and Jews celebrate Passover, we are reminded of the importance of rebirth and of hope for new beginnings.

Beyond our religious beliefs, it is at this time of year that it becomes evident that new beginnings are around the corner for many in our community.

At the beginning of this year, so many graduates and alumnae faced the unnerving task of researching, choosing and applying for universities and colleges that will continue to teach them and broaden their minds. So often, talk during this process reflected a great sense of uncertainty and even fear that things would not pan out.

Last week many of our Grade 12 students were receiving word about university options. As we head into our final term of this academic year, the inevitable decisions about the girls’ next steps mark the beginning of a new stage for our graduating class.

In addition, over the weekend I received several emails from alumnae who set their sights on post graduate programs and who have also received acceptances. It was a delight to ‘hear’ their excitement in their communications- especially having ‘heard’ their angst as they began the process of application.

Emily Dickinson once said “Hope is the thing with feathers/ that perches in the soul/ and sings the tune without the words/ and never stops at all.”

It has been this hope that “never stops at all”, coupled with hard work, determination and support of faculty and family that has found our girls ready to take on their next stages of learning and life.

While there are still several months ahead filled with work, activity and fun, it is wonderful to pause and celebrate the achievements of our girls.

It is my hope that you and yours have had a wonderful weekend- whether it be celebrating Easter or Passover, or simply being with those who inspire hope in you.

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