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As part of an exciting Leadership Unit developed for LINC8 by Middle School Head Carolyn Lamy and Middle School LINCWell Counsellor Melissa Kaye, and in partnership with Adventure Valley Camp Director Robyn Hochglaube, our Grade 8s are changing things up. Smaller groups of five students were tasked with determining a system that wasn’t working for them and, using integrative thinking skills, developing a plan to make positive change.

The focus of the Grade 8 Change Projects had to be at SCS, or within a 5 kilometre radius of the school. Summoning communication, integrative thinking and collaboration skills learned in several workshops as part of the Leadership Unit, the girls’ work emphasized the journey towards change, versus the end result. Change Project ideas included a student-run breakfast trolley, adding culinary lessons to the LINC curriculum, and changing gym shirt material to quick dry from cotton. The groups each established and met with stakeholders, identified potential barriers to change, and came up with strategies for breaking down those barriers.

The result: a new way to both think about change, and lead the way to achieve it.

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