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Lifelong Friends and Support for an Important Cause

One of my SCS classmates from 1985, Martha McClew, is the Provincial Director of the Terry Fox Run. Her mother, Breeda McClew, the former National Director of the Terry Fox Foundation, recalls when Terry came to Nathan Phillips Square in April of 1980 and just how much it affected her. Martha’s father, Mike McClew, used to oversee the UCC Terry Fox site. While Mike has passed on the torch, this site remains a reunion and volunteer location for many alumnae from the SCS class of 1985. It is wonderful so many of our classmates are still very best friends supporting each other in all that we do.

Each year for the past 10 years, those alumnae from ’85 have approached St. Clement’s to ask for student volunteers, thus creating an opportunity for alumnae and current students of our school to work together in supporting a wonderful cause.

In addition, this particular run means much to me as it has brought comfort over the years. This was where, in 2000, Mike McClew gave me the biggest hug ever while I fell apart at the beginning of the run, having just lost my father to cancer. Two years later, I ran with one of my closest friends, a classmate from SCS who had conquered cancer at age 34. This year, I am meeting that same friend and her extended family to support her mother-in-law, who is currently battling cancer.

St. Clement’s has always impressed upon its community that giving back is the right thing to do. Today, that lesson is demonstrated on many levels and makes me proud to be a part of a strong and giving community.

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