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New Beginnings

As I contemplate the return of our entire SCS community to 21 St. Clements Avenue tomorrow for our Spring term, I think about new beginnings.

The blessing of our seasons in Canada brings us spring: a time of hope, light, and growth. In addition, there are many cultural and religious celebrations at this time of the year that invoke reflection and the opportunity for new beginnings. Persians in our SCS community celebrated their New Year, Nowruz, on March 20; On April 14, Hindus celebrate Rama Navani, the birthday of the God Rama; from April 19 to 27, Jews celebrate Passover to mark their exodus from Ancient Egypt, and on April 21, Christians celebrate Easter and Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

I relish this final part of the academic year, and always wish it would pass at a slower pace than it does. Celebrating growth and new beginnings is an important way to recognize that while life is, as many suggest, a long journey, it is also, indeed, filled with many opportunities for newness.

As we return, we witness our girls’ consolidation of so many things: their learning, their interests, and, for our Grade 12s, their future plans. Just like spring, this is time for the community to seek out new opportunities: to try a new sport or activity, consider a new club or, perhaps, engage with a task or assignment in a new way. Even as our staff are working hard to encourage our girls with all of this, many are also beginning the important planning for our next academic year. This is exciting as well.

To assist us in our planning for the future, we must also reflect on the past. Throughout this term, I, along with Ms Henricks, Ms LaForest and Ms Macintosh, meet with all of our Grade 12s in small groups to seek their feedback and insights about their time at SCS. Having done this over the last four years, we know this to be a very helpful process. Their reflections do, indeed, inform our future.

I look forward to welcoming our community back to 21 St. Clements Avenue tomorrow as we start anew, reflect and plan for the future.


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