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Remembering What’s Important

On Friday, I attended our Junior School Christmas Program and watched with a warm heart as in St. Clement’s tradition, our Grade 1s presented The Christmas Birth Story, complete with shining star, three wise Clementines, shepherds, and Joseph and Mary. Our Grades 2-6 classes presented interpretations of the messages from Thomas King’s book A Coyote Solstice Tale. I had not read this book and I urge you to do so. It is an important reminder of the power of nature, simplicity, and time with good friends at Christmas, and points out the frenzied materialistic state in which many find themselves today.

After the Junior School presentation, our student Community Reps led assembly and spoke to staff and students about the impact of volunteering—how beneficial it is not only for those receiving the support, but also for those volunteering. Giving to others fosters well-being for all.

Later that day, I returned from a meeting offsite to the hustle and bustle of several of our St. Clement’s staff organizing the overwhelming number of hampers that had been donated by our community. These hampers have been, over the last many years, created for our partners at Wandering Spirit School, and the generosity from students in grades 1-12, their families, and our staff is remarkable. This year we managed to create over 60 hampers. As I walked down the hallway in which they were being arranged, I found myself feeling emotional and a profound sense of gratitude and comfort in knowing that our community is one that recognizes the importance of giving what’s needed during this holiday time.

As we prepare for our final few days before our holiday break, I want to thank our community for remembering what is important, and encourage us all to keep this front of mind throughout the year.

Time with friends and family, enjoying the great outdoors, and giving to those in need is what’s important.

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