Sarah was a beloved member of the St. Clement’s School community. She worked at the School for more than 30 years; her daughter Anne '06 and two nieces, Laura '05 and Meagan '08, are also members of the community, attending SCS themselves. She retired from her role as Head of Junior School in 2016, and profoundly impacted the students, parents, and staff who knew her, learned from her, and worked with her. Sarah will be deeply missed.

“Sarah had a remarkable way of making everyone and anyone feel that they counted, that they mattered, and that they were inherently good people. With thanks to her leadership, Sarah’s ‘little ducks’ of the Junior School were always launched onto their next stage of life and learning with a sense of belonging and having been loved. Sarah had a way of evoking a sense of joy equally from students and staff, with her consistent smile, optimistic enthusiasm, and great sense of humour- always perfectly timed. Sarah had a way of listening to all, pausing, thinking, and then courageously challenging thoughts or ideas should the need arise; allowing all to feel heard, and that they mattered. The St. Clement’s School community is so much better for having known Sarah’s love, time, and commitment to SCS.”

- Martha Perry ’85, Principal

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This heart is comprised of just a few of the words Junior School students used to describe Sarah when she retired from SCS in 2016.