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Slow and Steady

On Sunday morning I was going through my Twitter feed and came across Seth Godin’s daily post entitled Slow and Steady. Most often, Godin’s posts are thought-provoking. While this was one of his shortest, it was a powerful reminder that in a time when change is happening at sometimes break-neck speed, it is the ‘steady’ approach to things that has an impact.

It is hard to believe that our first term is coming to a close; time feels to have flown by, and yet there has been much ‘steady’ work happening at St. Clement’s.

Our faculty and staff have worked with dedication and consistency to ensure that our girls’ and families’ experiences foster learning, growth and confidence. Our faculty have worked ‘steadily’ to inform ongoing curriculum development, future timetable and scheduling adjustments and academic guidelines and policies. We look forward to sharing these with you in due course.

We have, and will be, guided by our three-year strategic plan that ensures our ‘steady’ progress in excellence in teaching and learning, building on our close-knit environment and ensuring financial sustainability for the School. We have also been guided by our community’s feedback last spring through a series of surveys and we look forward to sharing your feedback over the next many months as it has informed many of our decisions already this term and will continue to do so over the next several years.

Finally, your daughters have been working ‘steadily’ in and outside the classroom to stretch themselves, to learn and grow, and they have much about which to be proud.

St. Clement’s continues to evolve to ensure that we are best able to develop outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate and we do so with intention- a ‘steady’ approach that affords growth and progress. As Godin says in his post, “It takes a special kind of commitment to do [things] steadily.”

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