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The Show Must Go On

The phrase, “the show must go on” is one that comes from show business indicating that regardless of what happens behind the scenes, there will be theatre goers who are expecting a show and thus, it must go on.

Because this year has been a challenging one, particularly with the uncertainties around in-person learning, having to always wear masks, and staying within one’s cohort, I wasn’t sure that the annual Senior Drama Production would “go on”.

I am thrilled that it did.

Property Rites by Alan Haehnel is a thought-provoking play about an investor who has purchased a work of art comprised of fifteen robots that are programmed to sing, move, perform various tasks, and recite all number of things. The viewer learns that the owner is in debt and keen to sell; however, it appears that the robots are malfunctioning, becoming autonomous, and trying to escape their desperate owner’s attempt to rid himself of the work.

The story was intriguing and while I always marvel at our students’ work, I was left in awe of how the play had been produced with all our strict COVID-19 protocols in place.

While we have always appreciated the important behind the scenes work that happens in any production, it was evident that beyond each actor having to record their parts in isolation, our production, music, and digital designers were masters as well.

As I logged off our Senior Drama presentation on Friday night, I did so with pride and awe. I am so thrilled and grateful to our staff and students for ensuring that “the show went on.”

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