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The Ties That Bind Us

Each year a panel of alumnae, spanning classes from the 50s to the 70s, award an Alumnae Scholarship to a current Grade 12 student. Applicants submit an essay on what it means to them to be a Clementine and the panel selects one student who receives a financial contribution toward their university tuition. Once the student has been selected, we also host an annual lunch with the panel and the selected Grade 12 student.

This Alumnae Scholarship luncheon was held this week, and the group talked with ease about a number of things: where the Grade 12 student planned to go to university, what universities the alumnae panel members had attended, particular staff members that had made an impact on the alumnae, writing and reading and various other topics that brought much insight and laughter.

I love these opportunities to gather alumnae across the ages as it never fails that they find common ground but they also learn from each other- young from older, and older from younger.

A few hours after our luncheon, I received a note from our Grade 12 alumnae scholarship recipient in which she shared the following:

“It is amazing to see how, even many years after graduating, SCS remains an integral part of the lives of Clementines.  It makes me feel confident that, even though my time as an SCS student is coming to a close, [I won’t] ever really leave.  SCS will be a part of who I am and what I accomplish for the rest of my life.”

While I get used to the feeling of pride and contentment after events like these, I am thrilled when our current students recognize and appreciate the ties that bind us as Clementines.

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