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There’s Something to be Said for Sloths

I venture to guess that the title of this blog may have grabbed your attention; it seems an odd subject, particularly when associated with St. Clement’s School, a school for high-achieving girls and young women where activity is the norm.

Thanks to our Grade 2s on Friday morning, we were entertained and reminded that there are sometimes benefits to a slothful life. The girls relayed the story of Score One for the Sloths by Helen Lester, a funny tale of a class of sloths who are less than welcoming to an energetic sloth upon her arrival. Her presence becomes appreciated when the school is almost shut down due to the sloths’ inactivity, but is saved by her initiative.

As I thanked the girls and their teacher, Mrs. Nevison, I mused with the group that it is not always bad to have some slothful moments; this seemed to resonate.

We are at a time in the term where everyone can see the end, after what has been a fast-paced, productive, and impressive period. We have always said that our girls work hard and play hard. Having said that, I appreciated the assembly- a reminder that we need to also slow down, sleep in, and lie around.

There is something to be said for a–temporarily!–slothful life.

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