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True Colours

“In the beginning some people try to appear that everything about them is ‘in black and white,’ until later their true colors come out.”

Anthony Liccione, author and poet


I imagine as you, the reader, starts this blog, you might think the message will be about how when we are challenged, our true selves – good or not-so-good – surface. While I believe this to be true, it isn’t really my message.

Full disclosure: I dye my hair.

My Dad was fully grey at age thirty-one and my hair began to go grey when I was at St. Clement’s… in Grade 11, thirty-six years ago.

Almost a year ago, another SCS alumna, younger than I, came back to the School to speak to our girls. She had the most beautiful, grey, curly hair. I thought it looked fabulous and began to seriously mull the possibility of going natural….going grey.

Admittedly, I have had my own reservations. What would I look like? What would people think? How weird would it look as I grow out the brown?

Last week, as I got ready for the day and brushed my wet hair, I chuckled at the notion of one showing their true colours in the midst of challenging times. With my hair appointments most likely cancelled for the next several months, my decision may be far easier to make.

While I believe that we should always try to be our authentic selves and show our true colours, for whatever reason, my hair was a challenge for me. However, I’m now approaching this as an opportunity.

I am so looking forward to reconnecting in person with our community; whenever that is, you may just note my ‘true colours.’

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