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Trying Something New

This past week was a good reminder for me of the benefit of trying something new within a supportive and encouraging environment.

On Wednesday evening, St. Clement’s hosted a Strategic Vision Overview on Facebook Live in Powell Hall after our Annual General Meeting; I, as one of the hosts, was admittedly very nervous about the process having never done anything like it before.

With what we believe to be a successful evening now over, it is hindsight that has provided me with the reasons behind both my anxiety, and the evening’s success.

Four weeks ago, we decided that we needed a Strategic Vision Video, and, while this took several days to film and at least a week of editing and fine-tuning, it did not worry me. We were working with a professional, very capable firm for its production, and our SCS Communications team were coordinating all of the time required to complete it.

I was thrilled two weeks ago when several of our Admin Team came to me to suggest that we try a virtual platform to share our Strategic Vision to as broad an audience as possible. What excited me was the team’s desire to try something new, and their creativity in suggesting this particular approach. Having said that, as the time got closer, what worried me was that I would not be successful- that this new platform would change my comfort of delivery.

Now with hindsight- the event over and successful- I am reminded of the feeling many of our girls have when they try something new. I am also reminded of the supports in place at SCS- for staff and students- that afford our ultimate success.

Our community believes in one another: provides the time, the perspective, the support and the resources each member needs to do their best. Our community works hard to remind one another that we all make mistakes and that despite this, we are still capable and bright and able to grow. Our community is fiercely proud of St. Clement’s and sees each individual as an important contributor to the small, close-knit environment.

Having tried something new, we are ready to continue to grow and move onto the next opportunity; just as we would wish for our girls.

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