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Vectors and Values: My ‘Interdisciplinary Lesson’

After attending a Math class about vectors and a Business Leadership class in which the girls were determining their values for the year, I was reminded of our girls’ important role in their learning experiences.

Last week, I entered Ms Dickson’s class on vectors as she was saying, “Remember girls, vectors are all about magnitude and direction.” I mused that vectors are not the only thing affected by magnitude and direction, and that our girls’ experiences are as well. Each Clementine, whether in Grade 1 or 12, has the opportunity to make her time at the School what she wishes; she can affect the magnitude of her St. Clement’s experience, which will ultimately affect the direction she chooses to go.

This notion of our girls’ creating their own magnitude and direction was fleshed out for me when I attended a Business Leadership class at the end of the week. Mr. Bunten asked his class, in small groups and then as a whole group, to identify and determine their class’ core and ‘wish’ values. Being ‘at the table’ with our girls to observe their reflection and discord was a gift. While I appreciated the differences between their core values of ambition, leadership and respect, and their wish values of optimism, diversity and creativity, it was the girls’ conversation that reminded me of my math class visit earlier in the week. As the girls worked to agree on common core and wish values, I knew that, in doing so, they would be affecting the magnitude and direction of their experience.

This week I had been afforded an ‘interdisciplinary lesson’ and a reminder of our girls’ roles in their own learning experiences.

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