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Winter Tires

Getting my snow tires removed is, for me, a marker of spring. With the snow gone and milder temperatures, the risk of hazardous seasonal driving is minimized – signifying it is time for a change.

In a way, this also describes how I feel about the current COVID-19 situation. I so want the illness to wane, for those in greatest need to be served as soon as possible, and to see the restrictions begin to lift. We are all tired of our “long pandemic winter” and wish we could turn the page and embrace a new, healthy spring.

The problem is that the week ahead has snow in the forecast, and the COVID-19 situation feels like another proverbial snowstorm. We need our winter tires for a little longer. The challenges of this third wave in particular are not easy to navigate, or to solve.  I am very mindful of the impact on so many essential, frontline workers who, with little to no choice, are working to ensure services and health and safety for so many others – often in unsafe environments.

As our school community comes back together after the Spring Break, I know that this is not the spring any of us hoped for. We are ready for a different season – one  that blossoms with new hope.

My ask of all of us is patience, understanding, and mutual support. While I know the winter tires feel restrictive and slow, and may not inspire much hope, I also know that they will get us where we need to go and that there IS change coming.

Stay safe and we look forward to being together again as soon as is possible.

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