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Wisdom Of All Ages

At the end of September, I wrote about the wonderful and wise words delivered to the School community from our senior leaders. I was impressed by their reflection and insights and commented that their articulations were evidence that our purpose to help develop our girls’ sound values and character and ensure they thrive in their School years and beyond was, indeed, working.

Well, it turns out that there is evidence that our youngest Clementines are also quite wise- and confident too.

Last Wednesday, I came back to my office to find a note for me written by a Grade 2 to convince me that the girls needed a longer recess. The note said the following:

“Dear Ms Perry, I hope you are well. We should have a longer recess at school. We would learn longer than we are supposed to. We would have more fresh air. We wouldn’t be grumpy. So I hope you change your mind.” Love, [A Grade 2]

While our girls already get two recesses a day and additional outdoor time at the beginning and the end of day during drop off and pick up, I was still impressed with this student’s confidence and voice in writing me the letter- so much so that I shared her note at our Open House Assembly.

What made me smile further was the coincidental article about the importance of recess I came across on Saturday.

Looks like research on the topic of recess is happening at all ages. It also looks like our girls both old and young are equally wise- and confident!

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