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Women and Philanthropy

St. Clement’s School is in our third year of a strategic plan with a number of priorities on the horizon. Coupled with goals focused on a balanced and inspiring program and local and global partnerships, is the goal of an engaged and supportive community. This goal was set, not because our community isn’t supportive and engaged but because we recognize the vital role support and engagement plays in ensuring institutional sustainability.

We are blessed with students, parents and alumnae who are fiercely proud of our School and dedicated to giving of their time, treasury and talent such that SCS and our girls’ experiences are enhanced and enriched. Our current parents are particularly remarkable considering their participation is coupled with their paying of tuition. While we will always require support from all constituents, I believe strongly in the importance of our alumnae giving to and supporting our School- as SCS has played a large part in getting each one of us to where we are now.

There is much written about women, philanthropy and participation. Many girls’ schools see lower participation rates as well as lower donations than their co-ed or boys’ schools counterparts. However I am convinced that while numbers may be lower, the role of women in philanthropy is changing immeasurably and this is a good thing. This past Thursday, an alumna who sits on our Advancement Committee and is, herself, involved in the fundraising world, sent me a report put together by the Toronto Dominion Bank entitled: Time, Treasure, Talent: Canadian Women in Philanthropy. This report bolstered my confidence.

As the report indicates:

•Canadian women are more likely than men to give to charities, and, in common with their counterparts in the United Kingdom and the United States, affluent Canadian women donate a higher proportion of their investable assets to charity than men

•Women who are active donors are often motivated by their upbringing, their faith or a life-altering event

•Women have the ability to make a significant difference in society through selfless acts of generosity

As St. Clement’s continues to ensure its sustainability and strength, I look forward to speaking with alumnae from across the decades about their experiences at SCS and how those experiences have influenced their present lives. Further, I look forward to working with them to leverage their time, talent and treasury such that we can continue to ensure our beloved School remains at the forefront of girls’ education in Canada.

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