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Words From The Wise

Over the last two weeks, our St. Clement’s students and staff have had the wonderful opportunity to hear from four of our student leaders who have shared their personal insights in assemblies. Having our girls’ perspectives be the messages with which to start a school year is powerful. Their advice did not disappoint.

Jenna Seguin, this year’s Head Girl, reminded us of the importance of doing things that help us better know ourselves. As she reminded us, “Often the things that help you get to know yourself best are the ones where you make mistakes or fail to begin with.”

Madeleine Rocco, this year’s House Captain, reminded us to challenge ourselves to try new things. She explained “Opening our minds to something new is frightening because it’s unfamiliar, not because what we are trying is actually that frightening. In most cases, fear is what holds us back.”

Grace Cameron, this year’s Arts Captain, reminded us that the Arts are not rigidly defined but rather a “whole mixture of ideas and things that create something really beautiful and meaningful.” Grace challenged all of us to “not only search for aspects of art in everyday life, but to appreciate them.”

Finally, Tilly Rigby, this year’s Sports Captain, reminded us that “When we compare ourselves to others it’s easy to see [their] strengths as our flaws, but remember that no one is perfect, so be confident in your abilities.”

Our purpose at St. Clement’s is to help each girl develop sound character and values, thrive in her school years and beyond, and prepare academically for her post-SCS path of choice.  To hear the wisdom of some of our senior leaders over the past two weeks is both a reminder of the importance of this work, as well as evidence that it is happening.

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