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Working on our Mission Year Round

It is incredible to think that the start of another academic year is here.

In many ways it seems like yesterday that we said goodbye to our Graduates of 2014 and our faculty and students headed off for the summer. Just two months ago, for some in our community there was much to accomplish over the summer months.

At St. Clement’s School our focus is to develop the outstanding women of tomorrow, today. We do so by providing the very best educational experience for our girls. Without a doubt, the daily educational experience is created for our students in large part by our faculty who are ensuring our girls are engaged, learning and growing.

Having said that, never is it more obvious than at this time of year that there are many others contributing just as much to the exceptional experience of our Clementines and their families. Most often behind the scenes, our Business and Operations Staff – individuals whose task it is to ensure that our School’s environment and the necessary resources are prepared – are working to fulfill the School’s mission as well. While the majority of the year sees St. Clement’s buzzing with people, this remarkable Business and Operations staff are often busier when we are all away.

While my opening blog is a message of welcome back to everyone, it is also a message of thanks to our staff who have spent an exceptionally busy summer preparing St. Clement’s for the year and the future. We are returning to exciting communication, facility and infrastructure enhancements that will make a significant impact on our ability to follow through on our mission.

While we focus on developing outstanding women, I feel very blessed to be working with outstanding staff.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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