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3 reasons young alumnae should keep in touch

Although you may have left the bricks & mortar of the School, you never truly leave St. Clement’s behind. In fact, there are several advantages to staying connected to the SCS network, especially for young alumnae. Here’s why:

1. Networking

What’s the most valuable outcome of your time at SCS? Lifelong friendships, yes. A diploma that sets you up for success, yes. But that’s not all.

Beyond knowledge and friendship, the alumnae network is one of the most important benefits of being a Clementine. In the years since leaving SCS, your classmates and fellow alum have become experienced professionals, industry experts and potential clients. They are people who can help you grow, find opportunities personally or professionally, and ultimately, succeed. It only makes sense to keep in touch!

2. Community

The first few years after graduating from SCS can be a challenge as they are often accompanied with a lot of change. Many young alumnae move away from home for the first time, starting a new school where the environment and pressures are very different from SCS.

Through these pivotal moments in life, the SCS community can be a great resource for young alum. Whether it’s a friend to lean on in a new city or a coffee meet-up for advice, the Alumnae Association offers unlimited support because of our shared experiences. Once a Clementine, always a Clementine!

3. Oh, and it’s fun!

Do you remember the time Mr. Bunten sang a Tom Jones song at assembly? Or that time we wore togas with Ms Pai at the Classics Conference?

The alumnae network allows us to recapture and relive the joys and happy memories from our time at SCS at social events throughout the year.

Reconnect with SCS by joining us at Alumnae Reunion Weekend 2017 from May 5-7! For more information or to RSVP, contact Meagan Thomas by phone at 416 483 4414 x 2231 or by email at meagan.thomas@scs.on.ca

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