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Alumna Scholar Award

Each year, St. Clement’s School selects one Grade 12 student to be the recipient of the Alumna Scholar Award. Based on character, leadership, scholarship, service, and an essay, the winner receives $1,000 towards tuition.

The 2019-2020 Alumna Scholar Award recipient is Isabella F. ’20, and her essay focused on the importance of curiosity in having a deeper understanding of Indigenous peoples and our country.

In June 2019, Isabella ventured to Moose Factory on James Bay. St. Clement’s has enjoyed a long partnership with the Moose Cree First Nation and the trip provided Isabella with the opportunity to learn about the community and its people.

“Our hosts made us feel welcome,” she wrote in her essay. “We were taken on tours of the water treatment plant and high school, volunteered at the daycare, and spent time at the Cree Cultural Interpretive Centre, which teaches locals and tourists about the history of the Moose Cree people.”

Last week, Isabella was hosted at the Alumna Scholar Award lunch where she was joined by Marion (Pope) Magee ’55, Sherry Boeckh ’55, and Karen (Row) Armstrong ’75. Missing from the lunch but also on the Selection Committee were Carolyn (Schmidt) Gossage ’51 and Francine Maitland ’87.

Isabella’s essay will appear in full in the Spring 2020 issue of the Red Blazer.

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