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Bringing It All Together

Working at St. Clement’s with our staff and girls is something about which I feel very lucky. I witness continual learning and its resulting creativity almost every day.

On Friday I attended our annual fashion design show Lumina, a completely student-run event that incorporates the design, production and display of creative clothes in a choreographed show. Each designer also chooses a theme around which her clothes are made. The themes are thought-provoking and reflect our girls’ superb creativity. In addition to the various aspects of the production, there is an auction of the fashion items, and the proceeds and ticket sales are then donated to a particular cause decided upon by the students. This confluence of aspects, entirely led by students, makes Lumina a unique and powerful event each year.

As I sat watching the show on Friday, I noted with particular pride an additional feature that has made this year’s Lumina feel even more special. Beyond all of the artistic connections, the designated cause for this year’s show, the Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Fund in partnership with St. Clement’s Church, is a connection that takes our School back to its roots. Our girls are strengthening an important partnership, around an equally important cause.

Thanks to our creative and compassionate girls, we truly are bringing it all together.

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