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By the numbers

St. Clement’s has a way with numbers, and it has all added up recently to some very exciting math results!

The Fermat Mathematics Contest is written in February at the University of Waterloo and is open to Grade 11 students and below. After this year’s contest, SCS received a letter from Waterloo congratulating Jackie C. ’19 on her outstanding results. Waterloo extends special invitations to an exclusive group of Grade 11 math students for the annual Lloyd Auckland Mathematics Workshop, and Jackie was one of the recipients of this honour!

Another annual University of Waterloo contest, the Pascal Mathematics Contest, is open to students in Grade 9 or below. This year, our top students achieved unprecedented results. Heidi H., Natalie L., and Laura L., all ’21, achieved our School’s top three scores, and together placed SCS second in Toronto, seventh in Ontario, and ninth as a school in all of Canada! With over 1,600 schools participating, this is no small feat.

SCS’s Pascal results also placed us in the top spot for girls’ schools in Canada – and the only girls’ school to make the top 50!

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