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Christmas Carol Service Message

Good afternoon and welcome to our St. Clement’s School Carol Service.

As I say every year, this event is a time-honoured tradition, and is an opportunity for our community to gather to celebrate so many things.

While we gather to hear the Christmas story and to sing carols, we recognize that our community is comprised of individuals and families with diverse experiences, faiths and backgrounds and that- along with Christmas- it is the strength of this community that is to be celebrated.

Our community shares a common belief in the importance of an exceptional educational experience for girls and young women- an education that develops outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate.

We live in times where our girls’ intellect, their courage, and their compassion will be instrumental in their ability to affect positive change- be it locally, nationally or globally.

At this time, we remember Lucy ’19 and Kayla ’19 who cannot be with us today but are returning tomorrow from Sri Lanka where they have been contributing to a Round Square Big Build. We also wish to thank our community for their remarkably generous contributions to our hamper drive for families in need at the First Nations Public School, and to our mitten drive for Stanley Public School.

Beyond our contributions, the importance of working alongside each other  as a community- regardless of background, experiences or beliefs- in a way that assumes good intent, that demonstrates mutual support, and that encourages commitment to learning and growth is imperative.

As we leave each other for the holiday break, I ask that we all reflect on how blessed we are, how we truly can make a difference and how connection and community are to be celebrated.

I wish all in our community a safe, restful and wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year.



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