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Creativity is Cooking

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of reading through two very different student publications; they were both wonderful reminders of the creative work happening behind the scenes at SCS.

I previewed the final 2020-2021 edition of our student newspaper, The Clementimes prior to its release this week.  I have always appreciated this publication, as it reflects our students’ voices and provides another opportunity to hear their opinions and learn of their involvement in various activities. This edition, entitled “Spring Forward”, showcased things like our student design show Lumina and our support of ParticipAction; it also reported on student involvement in non-SCS activities, centred around music, racial justice, and environmentalism. It reinforced for me that even when we don’t have the opportunity to see it firsthand, our students’ intellectual curiosity, courage, and compassion are on display in many different ways.

On Sunday, the 2020-2021 SCS Cookbook arrived. The compilation of this cookbook was a Prefect initiative. I had listened with interest to the announcements about its creation over the last many months, and so it was exciting to receive the final product. It was also a joy to read through the diverse recipes, submitted by students in Grades 1-12, staff, and alumnae, as it offered a neat look at the dishes and types of cuisine that are meaningful to members of our community. The cookbook features a broad array of delicious-sounding creations, and I am looking forward to trying them out.

Both of these publications were expressions of the creativity and diverse perspectives of SCS students; I was grateful to have this window into their hard work.

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