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Lock Up The Laptop

As we prepare to head off for the holidays, I am mindful that our staff have been working very hard and that a break cannot come too soon. Having said that, switching gears and trying to slow down can be difficult at times.

As I read through a number of articles this weekend, one, in particular, came to my attention. ‘Lock Up Your Laptops: How Teachers Can Unwind Over Christmas’ , from the Guardian, could speak to a broad audience. It contains an important message for everyone in our community to consider.

The article was posted in the Guardian Teach Twitter feed, with a preamble by Jill Berry, a consultant and the former head of a school within the Girls’ Schools Association. She wrote, “Holidays: Leaders have a very strong & important role to play in encouraging staff to switch off.”

Thank you, Jill.

It is vital to consider the impact of explicit messages we deliver as leaders; however, perhaps more important are the implicit messages. As leaders, if we wish people to feel comfortable to disconnect and truly relax, then we must do so as well.

And so, as I say ‘Happy Holidays’ later this week, I will also be working hard to ‘lock up the laptop’ and ensure that both my explicit and implicit messages give others permission- and encouragement- to rest and recharge.

I wish all in our community a wonderful holiday and a healthy and Happy New Year.

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