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Our 20/20 vision for the future

In 1901, Eglinton was a town, St. Clements Avenue was an orchard, and Duplex Avenue did not exist. That same year, Canon Powell, the first rector at St. Clement’s Church, established St. Clement’s School. He felt learning could and should be an exciting and engaging experience, and chose to create a school that would have the freedom to teach a true appreciation of the arts and literature; encourage mental agility and curiosity; and develop a sense of commitment and responsibility to fellow citizens.

While SCS continues to share Canon Powell’s vision, we know that the resources and paths for achieving it are different today than they were 116 years ago. Today, the world is complex, ever-more-connected, and continues to change rapidly. As a school, our job is to prepare our girls for an exciting future by encouraging and teaching them to articulate ideas, question and discern, connect within and across disciplines, and push forward in times of complexity.

We are excited to share our new three-year strategic plan, 20/20 Vision for the Future. It highlights three key pillars which act as our roadmap to 2020, ensuring we continue to develop curious, courageous, and compassionate young women regardless of how the world continues to change around us:

  • Excellence in teaching and learning;
  • Leveraging our close-knit community;
  • Ensuring future sustainability.

We believe that by achieving the goals that make up each of these pillars, we can develop the outstanding women of tomorrow, today.

Our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan

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